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4 encased cents, reverse of indian head, off center, horseshoe and a vulcanite encased

Encased Newsletter v01n04

1911 Teddy Bear Encased

Obverse reads: - BEAR US IN MIND



Encased Coins Newsletter V01n04 - 11/21/2021

Greeting Fellow Encased Coin collectors!

What's New?

We have added three new members to the list. Please pass on the newsletter to friends who collect encased and might have an interest. I need new contributors and new readers.

Kewaunee Line Question

I posted information and images of the "Kewaunee Line" encased sample boxes in v01n03. You can see the information at I asked if anyone had information or ideas about this manufacturer of encased.

Bryan sent me a link to an image Priscilla-Ware of a 1957 D with the reverse legend of, "Priscilla Ware / Speaks for Itself / Manufactured by / Leyse Aluminum Co. / Kewaunee, Wis.". I don't think that that proves much except that Priscilla Ware aluminum pans were made by the Leyse Aluminum Co. The fact that they were made in Kewaunee, Wi., doesn't mean that they made encased coins. I much prefer my feeling that the encased coin line was made by Medalkraft of Kewaunee, Wi. Metalkraft moved to Green Bay and is now Metalcraft. I have seen images of an encased coin that advertises "Medalkraft" in Kewaunee, Wi., and talks about advertising. They changed their name in 1975 to Medalcraft, with a "c" and moved to Green Bay, 30 miles west. I think that Leyse Aluminum Co. had the encased made for them by MedalKraft. I also think that Metalkraft made the Kewaunee Line. I am open to discussion and additional information on both points.

Readers Answers

Last issue Robert Lloyd asked what we called the ring that encases the coin? One reader offered "blank" or "planchet", but I don't believe that is correct. So In a move to help standardize terminology for other encased collectors I am adding a definition page to the website. I dislike having to recreate work that has already been done, but I see no alternative, as there is no other site that has definitions that apply to encased coins. If there is one let me know. So if you have some definitions for encased tokens and related "stuff" bring it!

Encased Coins Dot Info

I was dismayed, confused, and unhappy when the ECI (Encased Collectors International) disappeared. It was that disappearance that led to my starting In order to keep the site active I have recently moved my domain name registrar from GoDaddy to Network Solutions. The reason is simple. I could renew the Domain name for 20 years or even 100 if I want to. I just paid to keep the domain name for the next 20 years. I am hoping that I can find a young person to add as an assistant webmaster. Unfortunately my grandchildren are way too young to pass the mantle to for now. But the domain name is secure for now. Hosting is currently provided free by Comdisco and John Nebel. He hosts ILNA, NBS's, IOWMC and other website as well. I do not know how many total he hosts for free.


I was emailing with Buck in AZ about the prices starting process on eBay for encased coins. It is my feeling/observation that few sellers are starting auctions at $.99. Many more are starting auctions at $9.99 and higher. Further it seems that many are jacking up the shipping and handling. I have paid as little as $ .99 and as high as $ 5.00. Even with tracking and insurance you can get the job done for less than $ 4.00. (IMHO) Am I just getting old or have process gone way up? Irradiated dimes from Oak Ridge are going out of sight.

Also I am amused? P.O.'d? Confused? By the over use of "rare" when listing encased for sale. How do the sellers know it is rare? Especially when it clearly isn't as I have seen that designation on encased that I know aren't rare. I know better that to complain to eBay, they only care about getting their cut of the sale.

Victory Encased

I am a big fan of the 1945 Victory encased cents. In my discussions with other collectors I have speculated about who manufactured them. Bryan posits that Leyse Aluminum did based on the "Priscilla Ware" encased cent. I have already mentioned that I felt that Metalkraf made that token and therefor I am leaning toward them making the "Victory" encased. Bryan years ago copied all available work orders from Osborne Coin Company of Cincinnati, and no work orders were available before 1948, so there is no proof either way.

The "Veterinary" encased with a similar obverse, but without the scrolls was made for a Cleveland, Ohio veterinary office, per the I believe it was made by a different manufacturer due to the different yet similar obverse.


I have added a page about numismatic definitions as they relate to encased coins.

What is an encased coin?

Still looking for some input here please.

Notes from Readers:

Not much new here...


Other than "Buck" who is using hard plastic silver dollar size holders for his encased I haven't had any suggestions or comments.

Thanks for reading! Keep the cards and letters coming! Without input there can be no output!

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