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Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY
Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

Vulcanite Encased Pan Am Temple of Music 1901 Pan Am Exposition, Buffalo, NY

As was indicated on the introduction page (Home) there are a wide variety of encased coins. The variety includes types of coins that are encased, type of encasements and the shape of encasements. The first known encased coins included round encasements of aluminum, horseshoe shaped aluminum, chamber pot aluminum, frying pan and key fob shaped. Encasements originally were aluminum, but have been done in brass, steel, plastic and wood.

A Variety of Encased Shapes
1907 Washington, D.C. horseshoe encased Round Aluminum Encasememt 1933 Cent Century of Progress Betsy Ross Good Luck Penny bell shaped Horse Shoe Shape with Fob
Horseshoe Shaped 32 MM Round Bell Shaped Horse Shoe Shape with Fob
Plastic Keychain Horseshoe Shape 1905 Chamber Pot Shape Kolb Bakery Teddy Bear Bread 1908 Plastic Key Chain
Plastic Horse Shoe Chamber Pot Teddy Bear Plastic Key Chain
Las Vegas Key Chain Arrow Head Celluliod Paperclip Square - Metropolitan New York Numismatic Convention
Clear Plastic Key Chain Arrow Head Celluloid Paper clip Square

There are many more shapes of encased coins that are not shown above.

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