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Kolb 1908 Teddy Bear Bread

Kolb Bakery Teddy Bear Encased

Teddy Bear Shaped Encasements

According to ECI
( http://www.encasedcollectorsinternational.org/Topics_CL/Teddy_Bear_Encased.htm) there are twelve (12) known "Teddy Bear" shaped encasements. The list was compiled in 8/9/2005 by Cecil Starcher. With the addition of two newly discovered pieces sold on Ebay the count is now 14

DateSubjectCity, State
UnknownBaker's PublicityKansas City
UnknownCollin's Baking Co.Buffalo, NY
UnknownToledo Sporting Goods - High Grade Bicycles Toledo, OH
UnknownArthur FurnitureScribner, NE
1907Souvenir Of Old ViennaAtlantic, NJ
1907Souvenir Of Niagara FallsNiagara Falls, NY
1908Teddy Bear Bread - Kolb's BakeriesPhiladelphia, PA
1908Teddy Bear Bread - White's Modern BakeryUnknown
1910Standard Sign Mfg. CoPittsburgh, PA
1910Teddy Bear Bread - Taste Tells The TaleUnknown
1913People's Loan & Trust Co.Winchester, IN
1913Platt & Perkey 9.99 ClothiersSouth Bend, IN
2005UCLALos Angeles, Ca

An additional "Teddy Bear" has shown up on eBay. The reverse advertises "S.M. WISE GROCERY & MEAT MARKET – FAIRMONT W.VA." The obverse has the legend, "BEAR US IN MIND". The piece sold for in excess of $850. The cent is a 1911 Lincoln cent. I was not surprised at the price since it was a new unknown piece.

encased 1911 Teddy Bear - S.M. WISE GROCERY - MEAT MARKET – FAIRMONT W.VA

I bought this Arthur Furniture Co. Teddy Bear on eBay without the cent Nov 2012. The reverse has the legend, "Arthur Furniture Co. Scribner, NEBR." and appears to be damaged when the coin was removed.

Arthur Furniture Teddy Bear date unknown

An additional "Teddy Bear", sold on Ebay recently (5/20/2012). The encasement is empty and there is no way to tell if it ever had a coin in the encasement. The encasement reads, "Baker's Publicity, Kansas City" "Teddy Bear Bread" on the reverse and "Bear Us in Mind" on the front or the bear. Could this be a "sample"? Was Baker's Publicity responsibility for designing the "Teddy Bear" encasement?

Baker's Publicity Co published a Teddy Bear Bread booklet illustrated by W. W. Denslow the original illustrator of the "Wizard of Oz" in 1909. A copy of that pamphlet is currently offered on Amazon.com for $150.00. W.W. Denslow illustrated material is widely collected. Baker's Publicity Co, Kansas City, MO. is still a registered company in Missouri, (as of 2016) although currently inactive.

Baker's Publicity Co, Kansas City Teddy Bear Bread teddy bear shaped encasement
teddy Bear bread postcards illustrated by  WW Denslow

Teddy Bear bread postcards illustrated by W.W. Denslow

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