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4 encased cents, reverse of indian head, off center, horseshoe and a vulcanite encased

Encased & Cards

On this page I will show several encased where paper is involved. Involved how? You ask? Well, I'll answer that with each piece I show.

A red plastic horseshoe keychain on a index card. Obverse of encasement reads: KEEP ME AND NEVER GO BROKE / I BRING GOOD LUCK - (Hover for larger image)

Reverse reads: (Printed in white caps) EARN MORE FIRST FEDERAL GARY - (Hover for larger image)

This is interesting on several levels. First, the encased is hung on a card. The card reads: LUCKY INDIAN HEAD PENNY KEY CHAIN. Across the bottom of the card is A Collectors Item and in tiny text Made in U.S.A. The card has a stylized horseshoe and a four-leaf clover printed on it. Second, the reverse is interesting. What makes it interesting is the history of the Indian Head cent. The plastic horseshoe is red and contains a 1903 Indian Head cent. It has a keychain attached.

Business Card 1936 Buffalo nickel encased in card. Obverse reads: COINage Coin Mart / Director of Advertising / LEE MARTIN / BEHN-MILLER Publishers - (Hover for larger image)

Business Card 1936 Buffalo nickel reverse encased in card. Reverse reads: Westerner / (image of cowboy on horse) / 'Montana Marty; / Advertising Range Foreman (Hover for larger image)

Both sides contain the address: P. O. Box 10007 (with 10369 hand written) / Santa Ana, CA. 92711 / (714) 542-0944. Lee signed this card on teh COINage side. Lee Martin was the Director of Advertising COINage magazine. He was also a well known collector of elongated cents and a founder of Numismatic Literary Guild.

Maroon colored Birthday card. Outsied of the card reads: Happy Birthday and has the musical score for the song with the words Happy Birthday to you

Interior of the card reads: HOME POF THE THORNTON & MINOR CLINIC / 1877 - 1939 / 62 years old on the left. The right reads: 1939 / Birthday Greetings / Of all the days in the year this is your day. Many happy returns from your firends at the THORNTON & MINOR CLINIC who never forget you on your birthday.

Ths above birthday card was sent to patients of Thornton & Minor Clinic. The encased coin taped top the card is a 1938 cent.

1938 encased cent. Obverse reads: KEEP ME AND HAVE GOOD LUCK / LUCKY PENNY main legend is in a horseshoe. - (Hover for larger image)

1938 encased cent. Reverse reads: BIRTHDAY GREETINGS / COOD LUCK / THORNTON & MINOR CLINIC / KANSAS CITY, MO. (Hover for larger image)

The encased cent from the Thornton & Minor birthday card is full red. The obverse has tape residue. The reverse is MS 65 or better and full red. The tape no longer holds the encased cent in place and is yellowed and dry. I am reluctant to place a new piece of tape on the coin/card. I am storing it in a regular letter envelope. The best I can ascertain the Thornton & Minor Clinic no longer exists.

Zippo Lighter Guarantee Card with encased cent attached by chain. the CENT never spent to repair a ZIPPO product is in a cent size circle on the luggage style tag.- (Hover for larger image)

Zippo Lighter Guarantee Card - Reverse shows a map and the location of the factory in Pennsylvania. (Hover for larger image)

The card once came with every Zippo lighter. I do not know if it still does. The Guarantee side of the card reads as follows. The world famous ZIPPO GUARANTEE. Any Zippo product, when returned to our factory, will be put in first-class mechanical condition free of charge, for we have yet to charge a cent for the repair of a Zippo product, regardless of age or condition. The finish, however, is not guaranteed. Zippo Manufacturing Company Bradford, PA. In a circle at the top left is the cent never spent motto. It is also stamped on the back of the steel encasement holding a cent. The other side of the card has a map showing the family store and museum. It reads as follows. Discover the Zippo historical lighter collection and corporate memorabilia from Zippo and its subsidiary, Case Cuttlery Co. at the Zippo Family Store and Museum. The Zippo Family Store and Museum is located on Congress Street, next to the Zippo Factory in Bradford. Hours are 9:00-5:00 Monday-Friday (Summer hours may vary) Phone: (814) 368-2863 On the right side is the following statement. Zippo Manufacturing Company has produces more than 250 million windproof lighters since its founding in 1932. In addition to windproof lighters, Zippo makes premium gift items such as fine writing instruments, pocket knives, keyholders, and tape measures.

Attached to the Zippo Guarantee card is a cent. It is held in a steel encasement. Reverse reads: the CENT never spent to repair a ZIPPO product - (Hover for larger image)

Obverse show a 1982 cent. (Hover for larger image)

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