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4 encased cents, reverse of indian head, off center, horseshoe and a vulcanite encased

Red Fish Rue Fish Encased

Red Fish Rue Fish Logo

While surfing the internet, I came across the Red Fish Rue Fish website. I contacted the Owner, Tinker-in-Chief, Stephanie. She was aware of my website and sent me two encased examples of her work. I am very impressed with her encased and with the other creative items she offers on her website. The encased are i.26 inches in diameter and .06 inches thickness (32.1 mm and 1.5 mm). Pictured below is a 2020 D cent. Of note is the matte finish on the reverse plus, the legend on the reverse is incuse as opposed to relief. The obverse is a more traditional mirror finish with relief lettering inside of a matte finish horseshoe. The four-leaf clover between the ends of the horseshoe is more traditional and has scrollwork on either side.

Stephanie, the owner, informs me that she isn't quite ready to begin taking orders for encased but will be soon. If interested, she has an inquiry form on their website. Rue Fish Encased

20202 Cent - Red Fish encased. Obverse reads: "KEEP ME AND NEVER GO BROKE" Inside a horseshoe with a Four Leaf Clover between the ends of the horseshoe. - (Hover for larger image)

Reverse of 2020 encased. Reverse reads: "RED FISH RUE FISH / CUSTOM CREATIVE" - the reverse is matte finish. (Hover for larger image)

The images below are of the second encases that I received. A 2019 cent is encased in the same size aluminum encasement as the 2020 piece. In this case, the obverse has the identical legend and finish as the reverse of the 2020 encased. The reverse, however is mirror finish with relief legend, which reads, "WORKING FOR EXPOSURE / MAKES NO CENTS". The "Makes no cents" is in a smaller font-size.

2019 Encased cent - Obverse reads: "RED FISH RUE FISH / CUSTOM CREATIVE" - the obverse is matte finish and the legend is incuse. - (Hover for larger image)

Reverse of 2019 Encased - Reverse reads: "WORKING FOR EXPOSURE / MAKES NO CENTS" (Hover for larger image)

All in all two very nicely done encased! I look forward to collecting additional pieces.

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